IoT is the most complex technology which might lead into failure. We are experts dedicated ourselves for the success of our customers. 

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As an Internet of Things (IoT) Company, we are with a mission of providing Industrial IoT and Artificial Intelligence driven Industrial Automation. Our Products are designed to simplify the technology challenges in adopting Industrial Revolution.

Industrial IoT

We are the team of experts specialized in building IIoT based SaaS Products.

Industry 4.0

Visionary in achieving Industry 4.0 domain solutions for global customers.

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Asia to Americas, we operate in serving our customers and partners in solving industrial challenges.

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Community to Enterprise users are building innovative solutions and functions rapidly with our platform.

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Fogwing IIoT

Fogwing Industrial IoT (IIoT) Software provides everything you need to build your IoT infrastructure and Device Management. This No-Code IoT Platform featured with wide range of features from Device Agnostic, IoT Network (Cellular, LoRaWAN, WIFI, Sigfox and NB-IoT), Cloud Storage, Data Rules, Alerts, Command, Data Analytics and Visualization.

Fogwing Asset+

Fogwing Asset Condition Monitoring Solution helps our customers to measure the assets condition, performance and productivity metrics through IoT. The Asset+ solution featured with custom dashboard, asset analytics with various metrics, controls, maintenance registry, alerts and data exporter features. Get ready for digitally connected operations.

Manufacturing Industry required intelligence to become smart factory. Digitization alone does not help to accelerate efficiency in production operations. SFactrix is the manufacturing intelligence solution with inbuilt metrics for OEE, Asset Performance, Work Order Tracking, quality management metrics. Also it is FREE for MSME Customers.

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IoT enabled Manufacturing Operations Management Solution.

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Thought Leadership Hub

IoT is the eco system with collection of technologies. It requires community collaboration between provider and consumers. Let’s share our expertise.


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